Integrated Neighborhood Reconstruction and Recovery Program in Haiti

Following the January 2010 earthquake, Haiti has experienced tremendous challenges in its recovery, especially in hilly and densely populated urban neighborhoods. In order to allow those affected by the earthquake to return to more secure homes, it is necessary to address their diverse needs more effectively and efficiently, through an integrated approach that encompasses land and housing, water and sanitation, health, disaster risk reduction and livelihoods interventions. During the first year of implementation, LAMIKA focused on conducting participatory assessment and design activities in the target area of Campeche, a neighborhood in Carrefour-Feuilles near Port au Prince. Over the next three years, the American Red Cross will implement LAMIKA with the goal of enhancing community and household resiliency while providing safer, healthier and more secure living conditions. LAMIKA will contribute to a more hazard resistant Port au Prince and a better future for Haiti. LAMIKA will conduct activities in social empowerment, economic strengthening and physical renewal to address needs across sectors. Likewise, activities will be designed to respond to needs at various scales, from the individual household to the municipal and national level. The overall implementation strategy will be driven by a community-based, participatory approach. This project expects to reach an estimated 45,000 people with a range of services. The American Red Cross is coordinating with a number of government and humanitarian partners to achieve and expand this vision.


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  • Economic Recovery and Development
  • Environment
  • Health
  • Shelter and Housing
  • Water Sanitation and Hygiene
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