U.S. Government Support of Health Services Delivery in Haiti

The overall purpose of this project is to continue, and in some instances expand, the provision of health services to people living in catchment areas currently supported by the USAID Santé pour le Développement et la Stabilité d’Haïti (SDSH) project, as well as to provide targeted assistance at the departmental level to support service delivery. MSH and its partners continue to support local service delivery NGOs by using performance-based contracts, a proven way to reinforce innovation and accountability; these NGOs will go on to become additional sources of technical assistance. The focus is on supporting decentralization, strengthening public-sector capacity in service delivery, and supporting local NGO service delivery by leveraging funding from the commercial sector and other donors.


USAID/SDSH project activities include: • Ensuring access to and the delivery of high-impact, high-quality interventions for health services in maternal child health, family planning and infectious diseases • Support expanded services such as recognition, referral and/or medical treatment of protection cases in a limited number of sites • Address child protection concerns through activities such as training community and clinical level staff to recognize and refer protection cases to appropriate legal and social services • Strengthen the health service delivery system through strengthening GOH departmental capacity to manage and monitor the delivery of health services


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