Community Resettlement and Recovery Program

In June 2010, CRS started development of the next phase in the post-earthquake response and initiated the transition from providing assistance in internally displaced persons (IDP) camps to supporting individuals’ resettlement in neighborhoods of origin. CRS has designed a 30-month Community Resettlement and Recovery Program (CRRP) to help at least 25,000 families resettle in communities with integrated shelter, water and sanitation, protection, community infrastructure, and livelihoods solutions. The multifaceted CRRP contributes to significantly improve quality of life in five of the worst affected communities of post-earthquake Port au Prince.


Housing/Community Infrastructure: Rehabilitation, Construction and Reconstruction of Community Infrastructure; Repair and Retrofitting of Damaged Homes; Demolition of “Red” Homes; Transitional Shelters (defunct). Water and Sanitation: Hygiene Promotion; Solid Waste Management; Rehabilitation and Construction of sanitation infrastructure; Household and Community Water Construction and/or Rehabilitation; Installation of Rainwater Catchment Systems. Protection: Psychosocial support Livelihoods: Cash-for-Work (defunct); Rubble-to- Reconstruction project, a rubble recycling project implemented in the 5 communities; Micro and Small Enterprise Project to support a selectednumber of micro and small entrepreneurs to initiate or restart pre-earthquake businesses; Saving and Internal Lending Communities (SILC); Cash-for-Trash, a project that establishes central locations and qualified managers for pre-collect centers for recyclable plastic within the communities. Ann Ale Lakay, a project that focuses on the closure of IDP by facilitating families in camps to leave and return to their communities of origin through the provision of shelter, rental subsidies and education support.


  • Haiti>Ouest>Port au Prince>Carrefour
  • Haiti>Ouest>Port au Prince>Petion Ville
  • Haiti>Ouest>Port au Prince>Port au Prince


  • Economic Recovery and Development
  • Shelter and Housing
  • Water Sanitation and Hygiene