Improved Access to Protected Water and Excreta Management in Public Places

The city of Gonaives is the capital of Artibonite department, with 278,584 inhabitants. At the bottom of a basin, the city is extremely vulnerable to flooding and depends on rainwater collection. Tropical storms have caused considerable loss of life and material damage. Risk factors include open defecation, poor sanitation, unsystematic or unsuitable hygienic practices, insufficient or untreated water, and advanced deterioration sanitation structures. Two workshops in 2015 and 2017 determined that the various water and sanitation problems of Gonaives create an environment conducive to the development of waterborne diseases, making the city a hotbed for the spread of cholera.


As it has since 2014, Action Against Hunger aims to improve drinking water and sanitation systems in a significant effort to eradicate cholera in the region. The organization plans to construct and rehabilitate existing sanitation facilities, such as sex specific latrines. The project will also focus on hand pumps for water points, and raise awareness around good sanitation and hygiene practices.


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