Project Summary According to the latest OCHA bulletin published at the end of November 2017, from January to October 2017, Haiti recorded 11,916 suspected cases of cholera and 118 deaths against 35,203 cases and 369 deaths for the same period of the year 2016, a decrease of 66% and 68% respectively. The department of Artibonite represents 60.34% of the cases of October. Given the structural weaknesses of the health system, the decrease in funding for medical actors constitutes a significant risk of persistence of the disease and threatens epidemic recovery. Added to this is the lack of funding for community response teams, the effects of which will be felt as early as February 2018 in the absence of new contributions, which will lead to a massive and sudden reduction in the number of teams responding to outbreaks. The analysis of the outbreak situation during the past years has highlighted human-to-human transmission as an important factor in outbreaks. The passage of hurricanes Irma and Maria at the beginning of September 2017 also contributed to maintain this outbreak in the lower Artibonite and to increase the number of cases in the top of the Artibonite in the weeks following the cyclones


Currently, it is important to conduct a comparative study that will allow us to make an in-depth analysis in the context of this finding which becomes problematic. This analysis will allow us to have a clear and permanent strategy that can be transposed to urban areas, with the sanitation issue at the heart and support directed to the state authorities for the rehabilitation of the SAEP and PMH networks and the provision of sanitary structures. Alongside support of government agencies in identifying and investigating cases of Cholera, the project will set up temporary chlorination points, carry out emergency chlorination at water points, and assist cities in technical training and mass awareness activities related to treating the disease.


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