Food Security Program with Northern Haiti Alliance - 2017

The Northern Haiti Alliance is a consortium of interdependent organizations: the Robert Ford School and Orphanage Foundation, Hands for Haiti and College John Wesley. The Robert Ford Foundation serves a variety of needs in the Grison-Garde community. More than 700 school students receive a free education and daily Rise Against Hunger meal, and 50 orphaned children receive daily care and food. The foundation also reaches out to children and their families outside of the school to provide food and medical care for the students, orphans and people in need throughout rural northern Haiti. Hands for Haiti supports the Solidarity School in Tremesse Village, Haiti. It was founded on the belief that education is the key to breaking the cycle of poverty. Hands for Haiti also provides food, clean water and other basic needs for the 230 children at the Solidarity School. College John Wesley (CJW) distributes Rise Against Hunger meals as part of a school feeding program in Cap-Haitien, located in the north of Haiti, to over 500 students. CJW also operates a clinic to provide healthcare and medical support to students.


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