Child Labor Prevention: Let's Work for Our Rights

Catholic Relief Services, with funding from the US Department of Labor, and in partnership with AVSI Haiti is embarking on a new project. Let’s Work for Our Rights aims to reduce and prevent child labor in agriculture in Haiti. Let’s Work for Our Rights (LWR) will be implemented in the North and North East departments, and in the communities near official boarder areas with the Dominican Republic, including the North East, Center, West and South East departments. The project seeks to reduce child labor and improve labor rights and working conditions in agriculture, including in the sugar sector, in Haiti through a comprehensive set of interventions that engages government, civil society, and the private sector in the protection of children and workers. It seeks to help households whose children are engaged in or at-risk of child labor and hazardous working conditions to attain sustainable livelihoods. The project plans to reach 10,000 adults directly who will receive information about project services and labor rights, including child and worker labor rights. In addition, 2500 residents (children, adolescents, youth, and adults) will receive legal assistance in the form of processing of labor claims, MAST (Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor) dispute resolution support, and assistance to obtain identity documentation; 5000 residents (households, parents, and youth) will receive improved livelihoods opportunities based on comprehensive assessments of local markets, start-up of savings and internal lending groups (MUSO), and enterprise development and employment services; and 10,000 children and adolescents will be provided with facilitated/accompanied referrals and follow-up so that they gain access to and regularly attend formal and non-formal education.


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