ADEMA: Hurricane Matthew Early Recovery Intervention in Nord-Ouest Department

This project is part of the post-emergency response that LWR and ADEMA intend to bring to the victims of Hurricane Mathew in the municipalities of Bombardopolis, Mole Saint Nicolas and Baie de Henne. Its mission is to help families affected by Hurricane Matthew return to their normal economic activities that will enable them to meet food needs and access to income. A total of 2,650 direct beneficiaries are targeted including 1400 farmers, 150 breeders 800 fishermen and 300 fish dealers. Cash for work is also part of the intervention approach, targeting 300 direct beneficiaries from the three intervention communes. The CFW will provide a semi-rapid response by injecting financial resources into communities where markets can still function. With more than 50% of the program / activity budget devoted to the fisheries sector, the latter is the priority axis of intervention because it will allow fishermen, fish dealers and all other stakeholders to earn money quickly and recover part of the lost economic capacities with the devastation of the plantations, the death of livestock and the loss of the businesses that were registered with the passage of the hurricane.


  • Haiti


  • Agriculture
  • Economic Recovery and Development
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