Post Hurricane Food Distribution Response

• 4th of October 2016 the Hurricane pummeled the country with severe flooding and devastating winds causing extensive damage. Current estimates from OCHA put the number of people affected at 2.1 million, with the number of people in need of humanitarian assistance at 1,410,907 (12.9% of the population) – 750,000 of which need it urgently. • In the 18 communes they were able to assess as of October 8, there was damage to 80% of wash infrastructure across all the southern department of Haiti leaving 67% of the population without water. • An estimated 7,900 metric tons of cereals, 18,000 metric tons of vegetables, 29,200 metric tons of roots and tubers and 61,000 metric tons of bananas have been totally destroyed. • 2.1 million people affected, 1.4 million in need of humanitarian assistance of which 806,000 need food assistance urgently.


16.127 (2250 HH) beneficiaries will be assisted through Food distribution donated by Rise Against Hunger. • The breakdown of which will be 2,250 households (1,450 in the Grand-Anse, 800 in the South), 322 students in the Sud across 3 schools, 40 disabled persons in one handicapped association, and 649 pregnant and lactating women (230 in the Grand-Anse, 230 in the Sud, and 189 in the ADRA Birth Clinic) across 5 health institutions


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