Post Hurricane Emergency Kiosk for Safe Drinking Water Supply

Hurricane Matthew, which hit Haiti during the early morning of October 4, 2016, has triggered the largest humanitarian crisis in Haiti since the 2010 earthquake. • The impacted population of 2.1 million was already severely food insecure with a poverty levels reaching 70%. • As of October 31, over 1.4 million people require humanitarian assistance with 806,000 in urgent need including 141,493 persons displaced into 204 temporary shelters. • Since October 4, there have been 3,423 cholera cases reported, including 1,065 in the Sud Department (Caribbean Hurricane Matthew Fact Sheet #9, October 28, USAID • Between October and November there were 6,096 cholera cases suspected.


• Improve access to safe drinking water for 2,000 hurricane affected residents of Les Cayes – 1. Water kiosk constructed and operating. 2. 300 sawyer water filters & buckets distributed and in use by the community • Improve hygiene practices through Mass media sensitization on improved WASH practices for hurricane affected residents of Les Cayes – 1 set of messages in local language created and 1 set of messages continual displayed daily during water service provision • The Les Cayes school students have access to safe drinking water – a) 1 drinking water system constructed and delivering safe water that conforms to sphere standards, b) 10 sensitizations on hygiene promotion delivered to students, c) 90% of students in sensitizations able to respond to 3 out of 5 key messages regarding hygiene practices indicating that they understand and are practicing.


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  • Water Sanitation and Hygiene
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