Haiti Youth Empowerment and Skills Training Program

The ultimate goal of this project is to produce youth from very poor families, by means of obtaining vocational qualifications for the improvement of their quality of life and that of their families and the communities from where they come from. To be self employed and capable of making an adequate living whilst also contributing to the Haitian labor market.


Introduce Income Generating Activities that can facilitate hands on training and generate revenue for the training centers operations cost, Reinforce the capacity of training centers managers in management of medium enterprises., Train 600 young people in leadership, financial literacy and management skills and creation of classrooms youth committees., Organize youth leadership committees in each training center, Organize community activities by the youth leadership committees, Creation of a Network of graduated youth to support training centers activity., Advocate at the level of the community leaders to facilitate youth socio- reintegration, Train 600 young people (50% women, 50% men ) in life skills education including problem solving - hygiene - HIV/AID - Sexual Reproductive Health, etc.. during six months, Train 600 young people (50% women, 50% men) in writing, reading, mathematics and oral French during six months, Evaluate results of non-formal basic education course at the end of the training program, Train 600 young people in three major technical fields (construction, hospitality) during six months, INFP Evaluates participants in technical fields at the end of the training program, Distribute toolkits to youth who complete the training program., Award INFP recognized certificates to youths who succeed the INFP final exams., Reinforce training centers in data collection and data analysis to better inform on project performance., Report quarterly on project progress and achievements.,Organize counseling sessions for program graduates on their future life project., Ensure placement of at least 60% of program graduates in jobs or internships, Ensure that at least 30% of program graduates are trained in entrepreneurship, Support youths that are willing to continue their schooling or further their technical training


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