Christian Center for Integrated Development (SKDE)

Also known as: Sant Kretyen pou Devlopman Entegre. The Christian Center for Integrated Development, as a Haitian organization with more than 20 years of ministry, is uniquely equipped to address the many social, economic, and spiritual challenges facing Haiti. CCID believes that evangelical leaders need to be developed nationally in order for them to derive strength from their numbers, to know that they are not alone, and to devise strategies to bring hope, healing, and sustainable community development through churches working together. We believe that trained and equipped disciples of Jesus, empowered by the Holy Spirit, can become the primary moral and spiritual force for the renewal of the Haitian nation.

Acronym: SKDE

Primary Address

Delma 41, Ri Boukman

Riyel Defile #12

Delmas, Ouest



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