About NGO Aid Map's Approach to Sector Coding

NGO Aid Map’s sectors are based on the OECD DAC’s purpose codes, which we have adapted to make more applicable to NGOs. The crosswalk in the table below shows how NGO Aid Map’s sectors relate to the DAC sectors. To the extent possible, we follow the definitions established by the DAC. To see more detail on which types of activities fall under each sector, look at the List of CRS Purpose Codes (updated April 2016).

A few other notes on our approach:

  1. When assigning sectors to a project, NGO Aid Map considers the overall purpose of the project as well as the nature of that project’s activities. For example, a school feeding program with the explicit objective of improving educational outcomes for children would be coded under both Education and Food Aid.
  2. Projects may be coded under more than one sector.
  3. Advocacy activities related to a particular sector will be coded under that sector (e.g., advocacy on increasing the transparency of extractive resources would be coded under Mining and Extractive Resources).
  4. NGO Aid Map does not code projects for sub-sectors.