BRAC is a development organization dedicated to alleviating poverty by empowering the poor to bring about change in their own lives.

We were founded in Bangladesh in 1972 and over the course of our evolution, established ourselves as a pioneer in recognizing and tackling the many different realities of poverty.

BRAC, which now has programs in 10 countries, has made a credible commitment to improving the lives of the most vulnerable and disadvantaged people in Haiti, empowering women and girls, and fostering bottom-up economic development through sustainable financial services and social enterprise development , and a chance to make a difference for their country. BRAC seeks to offer its technical assistance in employment and income generating activities, construction, health services, training, community mobilization and rural educational development. There are a number of similarities in the challenges Haiti is currently facing, and the challenges that have been addressed successfully by BRAC in Bangladesh. BRAC will use its past experience to help Haitians to rebuild their country.

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