School Infrastructure Support Program

on Education by Salvation Army World Service Office

School Infrastructure Support Program

on Education by Salvation Army World Service Office


Reconstruction and repair for 24 of The Salvation Army (TSA) schools that were damaged in the earthquake. Approximately 1/3rd of school aged children do not attend school in Haiti. This problem is now exacerbated by the devastating earthquake which destroyed approximately 1,300 educational institutions. The destruction to the educational institutions in the earthquake affected zones has added further pressure on the already fragile education system. The government plans to improve service provision to areas outside of Port-au-Prince in order to encourage people to live within their home communities. By improving the existing structures and systems in the rural communities this will relieve some of the population pressures on services in Port-au-Prince. These renovations will enable TSA to increase the schools registration capacity (of the specific programme schools) up to 10-15% and the programme will also include activities to strengthen the financial and management capacities of TSA staff, to secure a successful administration of the schools.

A boys' classroom after speaking to The Salvation Army assessment team who came to visit their school. Children at one of the 24 Salvation Army schools that is being repaired and improved following the January 12 earthquake. A Salvation Army school in Bellamy. The Salvation Army has 49 schools in Haiti and has been providing education for over 40 years.


1) Detailed survey undertaken of all TSA schools outside of PaP in order to design an implementation strategy; 2) Reconstruction and repair of 24 schools; 3) Safe sanitation facilities are provided to all TSA school students; 4) Proper facilities maintenance and management structures are established within all TSA schools; 5) Trainings at least once a year on school management and quality improvement.


  • Saint-Marc
  • Jacmel
  • Petit Goave
  • Aquin
  • Arcahaie
  • Bainet
  • Fonds Des Negres

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