FedEx Corporation Continues Support of InterAction’s NGO Aid Map

NGO Alliance InterAction is pleased to announce that FedEx has awarded additional funding of $329,000.00 for InterAction’s NGO Aid Map through December 2014. The map, an online interactive tool that charts the activities of InterAction members, has evolved over the past three years through the unique collaboartion between InterAction and FedEx Corportation. FedEx began supporting the initiative in January 2011 and has now given over $1 million toward the effort. Read the full press release.

NGO Aid Map is Going Global!

New global map to launch at InterAction Forum To date, we have hosted 7 different maps, focusing on aid in different sectors and regions of the world. This summer, at the 30th annual InterAction Forum, we will be launching a new map! This new global map will cover all sectors and countries. Instead of having to visit different maps to find information, users will be able to access all available information on a single map, with the ability to filter by sector, donor, organization, and/or location. Users that would like to conduct additional analysis can download the data.

Will you be on the map? InterAction members – add your data to the new map! The deadline for adding data is May 15. Organizations that provide information by this time will be included in our promotional materials for the global launch. If you are interested in participating but need assistance, please contact us.

New map, new lookThe new global NGO Aid Map will also have a fresh look. Keep an eye out for tweets, infographics, and videos promoting the data and the new map. We will also distribute a media toolkit to InterAction members to promote their participation in this important initiative.

Meanwhile, the current maps…… Have new features! Visitors can now search the map by donor, similar to searching by country, sector, and organization. Thank you to our many members who have provided information on their funders. Visitors can also now view additional data layers on the maps, including information on poverty and malnutrition rates. These new layers help place the NGO project information into context. If there’s a data set you would like to see overlaid on the map, let us know!

Useful tools for adding data to NGO Aid Map 
For InterAction members interested in adding project data to NGO Aid Map—or updating information already on the site—we have added new tools to help streamline the process. These guidance documents and fillable forms and templates are great resources for getting your information on the map! You can easily access them through the Member Guidance link on the About Us page of NGO Aid Map.

NGO Aid Map User Survey

We appreciate your input! Please take a few minutes and participate in a short 5 question survey to help us understand how you use NGO Aid Map.