13 projects by Food For The Poor

Food For The Poor does much more than feed millions of hungry individuals. We drill life-giving water wells for those who otherwise wouldn’t have clean drinking water; we provide lifesaving medical care; we build homes for families without adequate shelter; we provide skills training and micro-enterprise opportunities that enable the poor to work; and we give children an education that will enable them to break free from the cycle of poverty that has ensnared generations.

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  • Medical - Haiti

    A health project in 2 places

    FFP dedicated an operating room to Bernard Mevs hospital in Port-au-Prince. Bernard Mevs is currently the only working hospital in Haiti's capital.

  • School Construction - Haiti

    An education project in 8 places

    New and reconstructed schools are being built by FFP for children to get an education to become productive citizens in their communities.

  • Orphanages - Haiti

    A protection project in 0 places

    Food For The Poor works with five orphanages as part of the Angels Of Hope program. Through this program, 252 children receive shelter, an education and loving care.

  • Elderly Village

    A project from 2 different sectors in Port-au-Prince

    Food For The Poor's staff in Haiti no longer operates the elderly village located in Port-au-Prince, but continue... Learn more

  • Agriculture

    A project from 2 different sectors in Carrefour

    Food For The Poor had distributed more than 500,000 fruit trees. In addition to helping small sustenance farmers,... Learn more

  • Feeding Center

    A food aid project in Port-au-Prince

    Feed 15,000 two hot meals 6 days a week, in Port-au-Prince. These meals consist of mostly of beans and rice, or soups or chicken with rice.

  • Vocational School

    A project from 2 different sectors in Saint-Marc

    Vocational School, in Pierre Payen is a place where residents there can learn a viable trade: plumbing, construct... Learn more