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HSI came to Haiti in January 2010 after the 7.0 earthquake razed Port-au-Prince, killing hundreds of thousands of people and displacing millions. As the only large international animal welfare organization remaining in Haiti after the devastating earthquake, HSI is uniquely positioned to make sustainable, measurable long-term progress that recognizes the interdependency of humans and animals and makes their relationships safer, healthier and happier.

HSI’s Haiti Project is committed to street dog and working equine welfare, veterinary training, child safety and dog bite prevention. HSI is working with the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) who is working to implement a comprehensive rabies prevention and monitoring program with the Ministry of Agriculture. HSI also works with humanitarian NGOs due to the interdependencies of animal and human health.

Recent initiatives include:

In 2013, in partnership with Digicel Foundation Haiti, HSI implemented a teacher-training program: Protecting Our Tomorrows: A Teacher’s Role in Promoting Child Safety and Animal Welfare, to raise awareness of the interdependence of human and animal health. Currently, the curriculum focuses on dogs and other companion animals, but Summer 2014 HSI will expand it to include farm animal and working equine health and welfare, and compassion which are of great importance to the livelihood of these rural communities.

In 2014, HSI joined UK-based horse charity World Horse Welfare in focusing on the improved welfare of working equines in Haiti, offering much-needed veterinary treatment, training of local veterinarians in equine medicine, and education for local owners on improving quality of care.

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    HSI came to Haiti in January 2010 after the 7,0 earthquake razed Port-au-Prince, killing hundreds of thousands of... Learn more